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        Civil War Disease and Wound Infection

        Hospital Ward, Convalescent Camp, Alexandria, VA:

        Disease Ward, Harewood US Army General Hospital, Washington, DC:

        Emaciated Soldier Daniel Rich, Co C 10th Veterans Reserve Corps:

        Recuperating from Typhoid Fever, Michael Ashen, Co H 9th New York Cavalry:

        Chronic Dysentery, Aaron Parker, Co D 1st Maine Cavalry:

        Blind from Infectious Ophthalmia, Otis Hemenway, Co H 10th Veterans Reserve Corps:

        Large Convalescent Camp, Alexandria, VA:

        Gunshot Wound of the Left Hand with Secondary Infection, Surgeon R.B. Bontecou:

        Gunshot Wound with Infection and Swelling of the Right Arm, Surgeon R.B. Bontecou:

        Superficial Gunshot Wound of the Right Thigh with Infection Causing Erosion of Femoral Artery and Death, Surgeon R.B. Bontecou:

        Gunshot Wound Right Hip with Infection, Surgeon R.B. Bontecou:

        Infection Treated with Antiseptic, Surgeon R.B. Bontecou:

        Erysipelas of the Right Arm After Amputation of the Thumb, Surgeon R.B. Bontecou:

        Tetanus Was Prevalent To Those Wounded in Fertilized Farmland, Confederate Wounded at Smith’s Barn, Antietam, 1862, Dr. A. Hurd, 14th Indiana Vols.:

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